Minimum 25 People  (Hiring not included). Prices are per person



Coriander and chilli marinated chicken skewers  

Chicken drumsticks in a mild Moroccan Harissa paste  

Greek meat balls with a hint of mint in a barbeque sauce  

Beef empanadas served with sultana chutney  

Cheese and corn triangles  



Choux pastries with Smoked salmon and cream cheese  

Rolled beef with pickled vegetables  

Mini Corn fritters topped with smoked salmon and cream fraiche  

A caramelized onion and litchi Chicken filled vol au vaunt  

Mozzarella kebabs with feta and herb dip  

Avocado and brie rounds topped with peppadew  

Mini tortilla cups two ways –spicy beans and zingy guacamole 

Buffet Cocktail