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to Saffron Kitchen, a halaal-certified catering company that infuses all events,

with delicious halaal catering brought to you by professional staff.


As event professionals, we are diligent in addressing special meal requirements and work to ensure that these important catering requirements are taken care of. We do truly understand what halaal catering entails and fully recognise the needs of our Muslim guests, and offer them the reassurance that they will be able to enjoy the catering at our events.

Under the guidance of the National Independent Halaal Trust (NIHT), Saffron Kitchen specialises in the catering, planning, preparation and service of Halaal meals. Saffron Kitchen undergoes a monthly audit by an accredited member of the NIHT and has two full-time Halaal supervisors on hand.

You can relax and enjoy a stress-free catering experience that makes you feel like a guest at your own event.


Saffron Kitchen was established to answer the market demand for a high quality Halaal catering solution for venues and catering companies – offering innovative food creations to a growing number of businesses and individuals.

Whether we are supplying a simple family meal through our online shop or planning a menu for 1000 guests, we start with the best quality ingredients sourced from local producers and deliver delicious food, complimented by friendly and dedicated service staff.

We know that fresh ingredients, outstanding menus and unbelievable service are the most important components to the success of any event, which is exactly what we deliver time and time again. And we have the repeat client base to prove it.

When it comes to plated functions, our dedicated team of chefs and a halaal supervisor will gladly work hand in hand with you, where required to ensure that we understand your event needs and cater to them perfectly!

We cater to:

  • Office Lunches

  • Conferences, Seminars and Workshop Events

  • Bespoke Dinner Parties

  • Sporting Events – Indoor and Outdoor

  • Life Celebrations – Weddings and Birthdays

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