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All our food is halaal-certified

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Scroll to the bottom of the page to learn how our delivery works.

Please note that menus listed on the website are sample menus only and not options to choose from. Please contact us for the current menus

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How Our HOME AND OFFICE Delivery Works

We deliver throughout the Greater Johannesburg Region within 2 working days (usually within 24 hours) of you placing your order. Delivery charges are based on the total Rand value of your order.

R0 - R500 = R145 Delivery fee

R500 - R750 = R115 Delivery fee

R750 and up = Free Delivery

Once we receive your order we'll give you a call to confirm a delivery time.

Top South African Halaal Catering Company

Saffron Kitchen is one of South Africa's top Halaal catering companies. We provide the best quality meals for large and small events, stadiums, hotels, conferences and private homes and parties. We offer pre-cooked and frozen meals, platters, live Chefs (including Sushi), spit braais, along with a wide variety of fresh Halaal meats to choose from. We deliver through-out the greater Johannesburg region.

As catering professionals with years of experience, we are diligent in addressing special meal requirements and work to ensure that these important requirements are taken care of. We truly understand what Halaal catering entails and fully recognise the needs of our Muslim clients.

We know that fresh ingredients, outstanding menus and unbelievable service are the most important components to the success of our meals, which is exactly what we deliver time and time again. And we have the repeat client base to prove it.

Saffron Kitchen is a proud supplier of quality meals and meats, to individuals in a home environment, businesses, as well as large events (Walk the Talk) hotels, conferences and stadiums (Wanderers Cricket Stadium and Soccer City).

Saffron Kitchen is a member of the South African Chefs Association.

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