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Remote Working - Have Lunch with your Team

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

There's no doubt that the world finds itself in a place and space it hasn't been for a long time, if ever at all. A global lockdown that has impacted the vast majority of the world, has millions of people around the world working from home.

Offices are out, and remote working or working from home #wfh is in. We're Zooming, Microsoft Teaming, Blue Jeansing and hanging out with Google. Who could have predicted any of this just 12 months ago? They're lying :-)

One of the things we've missed during lockdown has been those team and company lunches that created a vibe, brought people closer together, and allowed for the sharing of stories and ideas. But we don'y have to give up on them....

Saffron Kitchen, before lockdown, provided meals to to some of South Africa's biggest events, stadiums and hotels. Walk for Talk, Durban July, Wanderers Cricket Stadium, and Mount Grace, to mention a few. We understand the importance of quality food that's delivered on time.

If you'd like to remotely invite your team for lunch, let Saffron Kitchen assist you with delicious meals, delivered on time to each one of your employees. While we can't help you set up a Zoom meeting, we can help to make it the best Zoom meeting you've had.

For more info and to arrange a work lunch delivery, please send us an email with your contact details.

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