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A Spit Braai is Perfect for your next Occassion

Saffron Kitchen are well known for their Spit Braai Catering. Located in Johannesburg, we're regularly called in to cater for functions of all sizes, for private, corporate and large events.

We caught up with David and Stephen Ferreira from Saffron Kitchen to ask a few questions about the Perfect Spit Braai…

Q: Are Spit Braai’s only about Beef and Lamb?

Not at all. While Spit Braai’s are often associated with various cuts of beef or a leg of lamb, spit braai’s are perfect for any form of of protein. Fish and Chicken are also delicious options. Even for vegetarians, mushrooms and whole corn on the cob basted with butter, olive oil and fresh crushed spices are a perfect addition. Tofu skewers are also ideal as they soak up the smoky flavours that a spit braai offers.

Q: Saffron Kitchen have catered for a wide variety of events and functions. would you say that spit braais are only for informal events?

While Spit braais are often considered as a low-key option for gatherings with family and friends, they are also perfect for weddings and more upmarket fancy functions. The braai doesn’t have to be visible to the guests if you feel they are an eyesore, but they are guaranteed to create the most tender and juicy additions to any meal. On a well prepared Spit Braai the meat ends up falling off the bone, which is a big money saver, because every last bit can be used and very little goes to waste!

Q: How long does a Spit Braai take?

Simply, the more time we have, the better. There’s a lot that goes into the preparation. Setting up the spit braai, making sure that whatever we’re cooking is properly secured and doesn’t fall over while cooking. And of course, we need to give it enough time to cook. When cooking meat we recommend, about one hour per kilogram. Our Chef’s are experienced and know exactly when the meat has reached perfection. The last thing our clients want is food that’s too under or overdone when it’s served. The bonus of using Saffron Kitchen is that we take care of everything. We bring everything that’s required in, we cook, serve, and then we take everything away. No mess. No fuss.

When executed correctly, Spit Braais are the perfect addition to any event or function. Contact Saffron Kitchen to take care of every detail for you!

Our best quality ingredients and experienced team will ensure a perfectly cooked meal, no matter what you choose to put on the fire.

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